CrossFit Membership

  1. CrossFit Individual - Unlimited: $150/month*
  2. CrossFit Individual - Krypton Lite (3 classes/week): 100/month**
  3. CrossFit Individual - Unlimited 12 Month with Autopay: $130/month*
  4. CrossFit Couples - Unlimited: $230/month*
  5. CrossFit Couples - Krypton Couples Lite (3 classes/week): 180/month**
  6. CrossFit Family (up to 4 — additional members $50 each): $280/month*
*Unlimited programs include KRYPTON Fit, Yoga, Open Gym and complimentary access to Beyond The Whiteboard.
**Krypton Lite programs include 3 classes per week (No Carryovers).

Pasted Graphic 1 10$ Discount is available for military, law enforcement, first responders, students and teachers on our Unlimited Membership ONLY. Please contact for any questions.