The Ben Smith Blueprint
CrossFit Krypton's Satellite Programming

Access to Daily CrossFit Krypton Competitor Workouts
This will provide a limited number of athletes with access to all of CrossFit Krypton’s daily competitive workouts programmed by lead programmer and co-owner Ben Smith.  This programming is FOR BOTH:
COMPETITIVE CROSSFIT ATHLETES: looking to improve performance in the open, regionals, or local competitions.  These workouts are designed based off of Ben Smith’s personal daily programming.
EVERYDAY CROSSFIT ATHLETES: looking to follow a proven programming structure designed to improve overall fitness (a balance between strength, gymnastics skills, olympic lifting, running, rowing, and other endurance work). Scaling options for each workout can also be provided upon request.
* The daily workouts will be available on BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD.

To Sign Up
1. Visit and follow the page to the bottom where you can sign up!
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Programming Details

1. Each Sunday, the entire following week of workouts (Monday-Friday) will be posted.
2. This week can be designed to be the entirety of your programming, or a base of which you can add in extra work as necessary.
3. This program is entirely classic CrossFit training.  Therefore, it will include Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Conditioning, etc. in any combination possible.
4. There is no reason why strength cannot increase along with conditioning.  I DO NOT program in phases, cycles, or anything similar.  This program should (and will) increase general physical fitness across the board in all different domains.
3 Days of Programming (EXAMPLE)
5 Sets:
Hang Squat Clean (Anywhere Above the Knee)
Hang Squat Clean (Just Below the Knee)
Squat Clean
(Range from 75% – 85%, start your first set at 75% of your 1RM and try to increase weight each set) (Focus on keeping torso Upright, locked in strong, and OVER the bar.  Meaning your shoulder should be slightly in front of the bar, weight on the balls of your feet like you were getting ready to jump forward)

Feel free to post video so we can give you some feedback for the complex.

For Time:
Power Clean 225/135#
Bar Muscle Ups
(These are meant to be fast heavy singles for the workout, so scale accordingly.  Do not let your feet fly out wide as happens in a heavy single power clean)
*Scale Bar Muscle Ups to 24-18-12-6 CTB Pull Up

Finish with 5 sets of 3-6 reps Weighted Ring Muscle Ups (use weight vest, if this is too much, do them without weight vest.) Try to do these sets Every Minute on the minute.

24-21-18-15-12-9-6 reps for time:
Calories Rowing
Push Press 115/85#
Box Jumps 24/20”
*Make sure these are Push Press and not Push Jerk

Alternating Minutes for 10:00
4 Shoulder Press 60-65% of 1RM
5-8 Strict CTB Pull Up

Banded Speed Deadlifts
7 sets of 3 Reps (NOT touch and go)
(55-60% of 1RM Deadlift)

The goal here is to work speed and positioning of your pull, I will show a video on how to attach the band to the bar easily.

I really like this workout, one of my favorites.

Complete for time:
600m Run
50 Back Squats 95/65#
600m Run
40 Back Squats 135/95#
600m Run
30 Back Squats 185/115#
600m Run
20 Back Squats 225/135#
600m Run
10 Back Squats 275/165#
If you were to add something in after, handstand walking/holding could be good.  Try and complete 100-150′ as fast as possible, rest and repeat this for a total of 3 times.  If you are not as proficient at handstand walking, simply spend 15-20 minutes practicing against the wall, slowly removing your heels from the wall so you can try and find your stable base of support.  Or try for a max freestanding Handstand hold every minute for 10-15 minutes.

Access to Virtual Community 
Here you have the opportunity to talk about the day’s workout, share ideas and technique work, and discuss your progress. Advice and tips will also be posted regularly by Krypton’s coaches.  Whether you train in your garage, backyard, school, overseas, or at your affiliate, we want to welcome you to our community of hard working, dedicated Kryptonians who are always striving to improve and to work together to achieve your goals!